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A Companion Lost

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Birthdate:Jan 1
I am Megwyn, a Companion of Valdemar. My mother is Yfandes, Chosen of Vanyel. I am on Search for my Chosen.

Physical Appearence
Megwyn looks like a large white horse with sapphire eyes. Her hooves ring when they hit the ground. She has the intelligence of a human and can Mind-Speak ::like this:: to anyone who is not actively shielding. Companions usually only Mind-Speak their Chosen, but Megwyn uses it to speak to the other patrons of Milliways, having no other way to communicate. She also has other magical Gifts, but since Companions do not usually reveal this talent, he does not used them often.

Ingress ([info]smallestopener) is her Chosen.

Interests (9):

chosen, companion's chioce, companions, gifts, haven, heralds, ingress, mind-magic, valdemar
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